A computer wants to “run” it is to be installed on an operating system (OS) Presently there are many HDH we use but focuses on largest 3 arrays is Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

First, we learn about Windows and versions are supported now. Microsoft Windows is the name of the current operating system software from Microsoft monopoly. Microsoft first introduced an operating environment named Windows conditioning (window) is in November 1985 with more features into the Microsoft Disk Operating System from the user interface graphical user-friendly.

Windows 7 is a worthwhile upgrade of Windows later version “echo of a time” is Windows XP, which was released worldwide on September 22/10/2009. Windows 7 compatible born with a lot of hardware lets it work smoother as well as exploit the hardware power that the previous versions did not.

Interface OS Windows 7 with Aero interface slick

Windows 7 is released with major versions:
• Starter: Version stripped of advanced features, not fussy about the interface, compact and suitable for machines netbooks, aimed at the new netbook buyers who are new to computers, people with low incomes.

• Home Basic: omitted a number of entertainment features enhanced (like Media Center) in the Home Premium, suitable for netbooks, PCs, companies small and aimed at buyers new netbooks, families with average incomes.

• Home Premium: The function of entertainment, communication, connect fairly well suited to netbooks new generation of personal computers (PCs), notebook (laptop), towards users use the household, small and medium companies.

• Professional: The function office network connection as well as full network connectivity, towards large companies, entrepreneurs often work with computers to exchange data.

• Ultimate and Enterprise: The full set of functions of all versions of the others combined, to help users get an almighty force in the exchange of information and entertainment wherever, towards individuals organizations want a complete solution for the operation of their computers. The difference is almost unique Ultimate and Enterprise Enterprise lies in bringing solutions and comprehensive support price than Ultimate. So an Ultimate guide to personal use and Enterprise environment oriented nature of the community, similar to Professional. Along with that, while the Ultimate version of global trade, while Enterprise is not retail but only for organizations ordering in bulk.

• Thin PC: For machines with a low profile (slightly close windows XP), will certainly turn away some parts are not necessary for Windows.
With its diversity Window, 7 to quickly gain market share and become the OS is the most widely used today. Unfortunately for fans of Windows 7, Microsoft is not the time for it has long served as its predecessor which was death Window XP Window 7 on the day 13.01.2015 soon to make way for the birth Window of a new generation.

Windows 8 Windows 7’s successor, was officially launched on 26 October 2012. A number of significant changes were made on Windows 8, including a new Metro interface (later renamed Modern for copyright reasons) love for the sensors. When the new Windows is started, the Start screen will appear instead of the usual desktop. On the start screen is the Live Tile, Live Tile will be constantly moving in order to update the information without the user having to open applications. When clicking on a Live Tile box, Modern applications will be opened as a full-screen interface and is usually optimized for touch.

Windows 8 UI interface Modem

Still requires hardware configuration lower operating Windows 7 but apparently, Windows 8 has yet to reap much success because the new interface Windows 8 is probably too new to the user that the user is difficult to get acquainted overnight. Besides, it was suggested that the Windows 8 operating instability is the reason why they may not want to switch to this OS.

To overcome these drawbacks activities on the operation of the system, besides also adds some useful features to users, on 17 October 2013 Microsoft introduced an update Windows 8.1 with the biggest that any people still joke that “Microsoft has returned the Start button for us.” From now we will not need to “grope” to know where the Start button is located.

Besides Windows 8.1 focus on improving the experience of computer users with a mouse and keyboard tradition, not much new in terms of touch, in addition to customizing the interface changes, custom boot in Desktop mode when the computer is booted… Besides Windows 8.1 also stable operation than previous versions.

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