How about reset at Windows touchpad 10?

Most laptops have a touchpad. Today, they can achieve more functions than mouse clicks and mobile mouse gestures. It combines two, three or even four fingers to drive Windows computers to be easier. Ng can build this gesture to open the window Cortana, a transitional active and open action center. In addition, you can change the mouse speed or disable the touchpad when using the mouse. If you achieve the edit and return default settings or touchpad problems, you can. Reset.

Method touchpad reset to default settings.

Method touchpad reset to default settings depends on the manufacturer’s computer and software driver touchpad.

In Windows 10, you can configure the application settings touchpad installation Windows or use the tool manufacturer’s driver touchpad (if installed). However, the two applications are synchronized. For example, if you change Windows settings and tool manufacturers reset them, you need to be in these two places.

It’s easy to set up in Windows. Press the Windows button + my friend opens the application settings. The main page, click on the device.

Click device

The touchpad device selection page is on the left side.

Select touchpad

On the right, scroll down a little, you will see the reset button in your touchpad reset part, click on it.

Click Reset

If the software installs the installation of the touchpad manufacturer, you need a reset. In many laptops, you can find the icon of the software in the system tray. Click the arrow to display the last icons hidden system tray icon on the left, and find touchpad similar. Click or click double (depending on each production installation touchpad) to open.

Open installation touchpad

If there are no software icons, you can access the settings installed in the Windows application here. Go back to the touchpad icon, scroll down little additional settings, click the link.

Click on link additional settings

A row property dialog box appears, and you will see the touchpad label manufacturer of the software, such as DELL’s laptop, you will see the DELL touchpad tag. Click the tag and click the link to click DELL touchpad to set the big change.

Click on the link to click DELL touchpad to set up big changes.

This operation will open the default button pointing to the installation of DELL device tools, and you will see the installation of the touchpad to reset.

Click Install default button

Each manufacturer has different settings, but reset functions are easy to find. His example here is the application of intelligent gesture ASUS ASUS laptop.

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