How to backup and restore Windows applications do not require 10

You should protect my data (excluding documents and images) by backing up them. Applications and tools, you use data created by Windows, so today’s article will show you how to backup and restore. We don’t need to use any software.

Such application maps and sticky notes, your editing tools, such as registry installation printers, contain important data, and of course, you don’t want to lose them, right?

If you have your own prompt backup tool for Windows, you don’t need software plug-ins to let you know in the comments section below.

How to backup and restore Windows applications do not require 10

General backup recommendations

Data is the computer of the blood vessel. You should mention it in the way that you should take good care of it. These instructions can quickly backup applications and Windows tools, but should you always protect the best sports? If the whole system is regular and posts prompt,

There are many copies of all data: if you feel uncomfortable, lose data, please back up.

Use different storage media: do not obey the backup of your hard disk. If the device has problems, you will lose everything.

Store a backup around: if you close all the physical backups, a natural disaster will destroy everything. Please consider using cloud services to store external data easily.

1. Windows application

Many Windows application files are stored in the app data of the installation directory. Here is an example of a folder path.

Open operation

To recover files, please switch to the path of the application folder, and then click the paste backup file to replace the location.

Paste backup target location

Before you start, make sure that the application is completely shut down.

2. Start menu.

The Windows start menu 10 allows more. You can arrange program groups and more. You can back up the layout to save time settings.

Backup start menu layout

First, click the Windows key + R to turn on. Regedit input, click OK. This will open the registry editor.

Open registry editor

In the toolbar, click Select view and bar. Copy and paste the information into the address bar, then press enter.

At present, HKEY usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversioncloudstorestorecachedefaultaccount


On the left side of the control panel, click enter folder and click default account exit. The file that you want to save is named after. Reg. Click Save. Close the registry editor.

Press Windows button once, enter localappdata%% + R microsoftwindowsshell, click OK. This operation will be done by opening a folder, document explorer.

File browser

This is a file in a directory whose name is defaultlayouts.xml. Copy and paste files placed in the same place as a friend. Reg. save files

Restore the pattern to start menu.

To restore from the backup you create, press the combination key Windows + R to open run the input regedit and drink.

Driving to a path, such as:

At present, HKEY usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversioncloudstorestorecachedefaultaccount

On the left panel, click the folder default account and click to delete. Yes, after clicking confirmation, close the registry editor.

Close Registry Editor

Next, save your files to. Reg and twinkle. Registry Editor wants to ask, are you sure you want to continue? Click Yes, then select OK.

Copy the backup file defaultlayouts.xml. Press Windows key + R, enter localappdata%% microsoftwindowsshell, click OK. Paste to file. Click on the file to replace location.

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