How to change Windows Ubuntu shell 10 in the user account

When you first install the Linux distribution of Ubuntu or the other 10 on Windows, you are required to create a username and password for UNIX. Select auto login user account when you start the shell. However, you can change your login information if necessary.

User accounts in Linux

Every environment you install Linux has its own configuration files, including separate installers and installation configurations. All Linux distribution UNIX that you want to create username and password will be installed for you.

How to change the default choice of user accounts

Change the default shell command of Ubuntu in the user account, and open a window or window prompt PowerShell.

Open the window, open the start menu, prompt command, type “CMD”, and then press enter. Open a window, right mouse PowerShell, press start button (or click Windows + X), and then select “Windows user from menu PowerShell” power.

Power user menu.

In the command window prompt or PowerShell (not the carnival shell window), please run the Linux distribution that commands are suitable for you. In “username replace” the new user under the command, your name:

You can only specify that user accounts already exist in the Linux environment.

For example, to set the default user to be root, please run the following command. This is convenient if you forget the user account of the password, UNIX, because the user has the root system of the permission. You can create a new user account and password to reset to the current user account from the root of the shell.

How to create revelry in new user accounts

You can create the user account to run the command addUser from the inner shell of the carnival Linux environment. For example, in order to run the command on this Ubuntu, you only need to replace the new user account named “new user”.

Sudo addUser new user

Provide a password user account to verify your current password, and then enter a new user account. (if you don’t remember the current UNIX command of the password account, use the proposed ash. The first part is set in default user root user account.

You will also be asked to provide other information such as “full name” (full name) and phone number to new accounts, all data stored locally in your computer and unimportant. You only need to press E. Nature lets vacant schools.

When you create a new user account, you can turn it into a default user account using commands in the command book, or mobile displayed below the photo.

Create a new account

How to change the password of the user account

The user account selection that changes the password, you will need to use the command in the Linux environment normal hit. To change the user account of the password, you will choose to start a shell and run the command:


Enter the user account of the current password, and then provide a new password.

The user account to change the password is different – for example, if you forget the password, then the original account is the default user account – you will run the command after the “username” is wrapped in the username. I want to change your password.

Username Password

This command must use root permissions, so you need to add prefix sudo to use Ubuntu if you do not run it as root user:

Sudo username password

Change password

How to convert user accounts between

User configuration – the default (or the corresponding command for your Linux distribution) control is installed in Ubuntu.

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