How to create a virtual machine and Windows player and VirtualBox VMware 10

There is a virtual machine in hand, which can be used for many different purposes, such as testing software or modifying the environment to separate sandbox from the operating system. Your virtual machine can also help you. Old running software, operating system, and new activities, or explore a brand new operating system.

For example, you can copy one copy on login to Linux or Windows, Windows XP to install Windows 10, and so on.

This operating system runs on different operating systems easily with the free software, from VMware and VirtualBox. The article will show you how to install and configure this two software, but mostly focus on VMware player.

VMware player download: Microsoft Windows and Office VirtualBox ISO download tool

VM create Windows 10

VMware players have been widely used for many years. VMware 14 players have new functions and improved hardware support for more modern, and most importantly, guided today. At the same time, VirtualBox should also mention it because it can run on the operating system MacOS. All VMware and VirtualBox support Linux.

In this case, your Windows copy 10 starts with the USB drive, rather than an ISO file, does not provide support for the VMware player source to boot from the USB device, but it is easy to add this function to configure pH in the screen. The last part of the hardware setup is recommended.

Boot from USB

How to boot USB driver in VMware player

Download plop guide manager and extract content to the screen. When the last part of the instructions install a virtual machine, please click “hardware customize…” to open the hardware settings of the virtual machine (you can also visit me). After the anger, the executive manager set up the player through the> virtual machine.

When you install the hardware part:

Click “add” to install the hardware in the window below.

Click on the next step in the next CD / DVD.

Select the location plop pointer and boot manager.iso for ISO image files.

install hardware

Now, when you start your own virtual machine, it has a custom menu boot device, including possibly starting from the USB device.

The setup of most programs to create a new virtual machine is very simple, but there is one detail worth noting about the start of plug-in configuration:

The disk that you should not store on the virtual machine is restricted because its capacity of solid state hard disk drive is low. On the contrary, you can store your files on any virtual machine disk connected to the computer. Friends.

The minimum required 60GB capacity starts, you can reduce if necessary.

RAM 2GB will work significantly better than 1GB to Windows 10.

These different operating systems are similar or identical in program settings.

Create virtual machine

Install new virtual machine on Windows 10

Note that pressing Ctrl + Alt can change focus back from the friends of the virtual machine operating system.

If you execute it by guiding the installer, you will see that your new virtual machine appears on the welcome screen VMware player, which can play and install Windows 10. The article does not mention the depth, which is because most people are familiar with. Here are some attention processes ten: install Windows

If it’s a new start, you don’t need to install Windows 10. It does not activate the functionalization of Windows’s 10 personal locks, and watermark appears on the screen, but there are still functional operating systems for software testing and so on. When prompted to enter a key software, find an option to register at the end of the screen and know that you are not the key.

Import key software

You should use the Windows account option offline, which is the login screen at the bottom and left side and the installation of Windows. You can be big.

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