How to set Google search tool in Windows start menu by default of 10

If you use Cortana to find things or from the start menu, Microsoft Bing will use the default search tool. When you click on the search results, it will be on the edge of the browser, though this is not your default browser. Although you can not directly change the default search tool, you can let Windows use Google to open K and 10. Search for your favorite browser. This article will show you how to set up the default menu of the Google search tool.

How to set up the default menu of the Google search tool

Because Windows 10 has no tooling options to change the start of the default browser search or search menu, we need to use open source software to search all deflector transfers to browser’s search. Favorite people. You won’t need to use the edges of Bing and browser. All you need to do is install and set up deflector search tools, search and browse programs.

Step 1. First, GitHub formally visits the website’s software to download the latest version of search deflector. After downloading, click.Exe to enter the executable file and install it.

Double click to enter the executable file

The second step. During installation, you will automatically search for deflector search and display all browsers installed on your system and ask you to choose which browser you want to use. Select browser, enter a list of numbers, press enter. For example, here we will use Firefox to enter 3.

You can choose “system installation default option” to open the search results default browser current utility. This option, when you change your default browser, does not need to reconfigure. Deflector search.

The third step. Press confirm the selection.

Select browser

Step 4. Select the search tool you want to use. Click the numbers in the list. For example, if you want to use the default entry 7 of the Google search tool, press enter.

Select search tools

Step 5. Then confirm that by entering your choice.

Step 6. After completing the configuration search deflector, press enters to close the configuration window.

Press enter to close the configuration window.

Step 7. In the setup window, click the button finish to complete the installation of the program.

Click the button finish

Check to find some related websites on the start menu, press enter. When you first execute, you must choose the default program, select and analyze the launcher.exe box, always use this application, click the OK button.

Select launcher.exe

Deflector mobile search will search tool search for you to select and open it in your browser.

Mobile search will search deflector

One thing to note is that when you execute the menu or start with Cortana, you will find that the search results are as fast as Bing. When you click the search results on the right side of the panel, you will configure your settings according to the deflector driver.

If you want to change the search deflector of the configuration file, open the browser, enter the installation folder, and click the search deflector double file “setup.exe”.

I wish you success.

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