Metadata – what is metadata? 9 metadata metaphor

What is metadata?

Metadata (metadata) is simply data (data on data). In particular, the situation and the data it describes can help us find and understand the data of the organization. Here is an example of metadata.

Typical metadata

Your title and description

Card and directory

– who created it?

– who and when was the last revision?

Who can visit, who can update?

1. A photo (photo)

When you take photos with your camera, a series of metadata is collected and saved with photos.

– date and time


– install the camera.

– geographical location

2. a copy of books

Each book has some metadata standard covers, including:

– title

Author’s name

– details of publishers and copyrights

– the description at the back

– Directory

– List

– page number

3. Post blog

Each article is a metadata standard in the blog domain. They often include in the first paragraph:

– title

– Author

The time of publication.

– type

– Tags (Tags talked about)

4. E-mail

Every email sent or received by your school has some metadata, many of which are hidden in email headers and mail applications. Metadata includes:

– discipline


– Large

– sending date and time

Receive and send nameserver IP

– (plain text format htlm)

Detailed software – anti-spam. I got married.

5. Electronic documents (electronic documents)

Each word processing software collects some standards and metadata allows you to add your own fields, including:

– title

– discipline

– Author

– company

– state

Creation date and time

– last revision date

– page number

6. Electronic form

The spreadsheet contains some school metadata:

Name tag

Name table

Column names

– user comments

7. Computer files

All the schools you see are super data in file browsers. Data in real files. Metadata includes:


Like what?

– size

Creation date and time

– last revision date

8. website

Metadata – what is metadata? 9 he likened metadata – 8.

Metadata for each school website:

– page title

– description page

– Icon

9. Paper document

Metadata – what is metadata? 9 he likened metadata – 9.

All documents and documents are generally managed by metadata to help manage documents, including:

– characters are sorted alphabetically.

Information access control

– Logo

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