My computer application experience, perfect alternative file browser in Windows 10

Microsoft is working hard to rebuild and upgrade the file browser’s Windows 10 built through this experiment. In the future, the file browser can browse the data through the tag interface, the background is dark…

When the browser of the new version of the file is perfect, users can choose different applications instead. One of them is my computer, and the application is designed specifically for Windows 10.

Users can easily find and download computers on Microsoft store apps.

Start the application from the start menu.

When the installer is finished, enter the start menu to start the application.

Batteries are in use.

At the first boot, you will be asked about the start of the battery application. If you agree, please press if yes by pressing No.

My computer has a fairly simple interface.

My computer has a very simple interface, including two main areas: all shortcut access to some applications and the left part of the website to access and manage your folders on the hard disk partition, on the right side.

A new label shows content access.

When accessing hard disk partitions or folders, a new label shows that the contents of the access will be automatically opened, so that users can easily switch between tags through the operation.

Open new label

Open the new tab, please enter the partition > test item at home > >, and the new label will appear.

Right, click the files on my computer.

Right click on the files in my computer, users can choose all kinds of basic operations and share, copy, cut, delete, rename.

With the choice of quick access to applications and websites, users can only modify (modify, delete) regional network running.

In my computer, I choose to visit applications and websites quickly, and users can only modify (modify or delete) the application of LAN running.

When I add addresses to my website, I often use computers.

Add addresses to my website, I often use the computer, and in “+” – > enter the information and address of the website. When triggered, the website will open the browser at Windows default by 0.

Set up

In settings, choose Custom 02: hide/display sidebar bar hidden / display with application network run and partition system.

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