Open the way in Windows HDR 10

Although there are already HDR most televisions in the past three years, he has only recently appeared on computer screens. The possible reason is that 5.2018, Windows does not support HDR display technology next month. Now, the Windows technology that users can experience depends on the depth and authenticity of the color.

First, make sure your device supports HDR.

It is not a Windows that can display contents in HDR. HDR is only through the HDMI cable DisplayPort 1.4 or 2.0A. These requirements must satisfy the contents of its HDR Windows 10, which can be displayed on the screen.

HDR screen or TV hdr10 and DisplayPort 1.4 support or suggest HDMI 2 or larger screen displayed certificate.

Windows 10 has a graphics card supporting play ready 3 DRM (for HDR content protection). It may be your card: the Vivian GeForce 1000 series or more, more RX super Radeon semiconductor 400 series or series, Intel graphics UHD 600 or so. It is recommended that graphics cards be used to support hardware decoding to accelerate the 10 bit HDR video codec.

Windows 10 PC must install codec decoded video (for example, 10 bit or hevc VP9).

Encourage the use of the latest Windows driver WDDM 2.410. The inspection section is set up on Windows to update or check the manufacturer’s website.

Start HDR 10 at Windows

If the computer screen and cable connections are all up to the requirements and the PC version has been updated to the latest update, the autumn creator is ready for the end of 2017. Start Windows in HDR, set up, open and enter.

From here, click Select to display a button, and you will see the following transformation selection light and WCG HDR log.

You just need to enable this button to display the contents of your screen HDR, but it is better to see if these contents come to HDR. This is because Windows automatically adjusts the display system on the palette. HDR content, which means that any you (e-mail, web browsing) does not configure HDR Gray will look better than normal at night.

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