What is Joomla? Basic knowledge that needs to be known Joomla

From Joomla in 2005, more than 500 thousand of the users of the AI island community have been downloaded (www.joomla.org). Joomla Display System CMS ranked second after WordPress. eBay may be the most prominent user of Joomla.

What is Joomla?

The Joomla system is a free content management platform (open source content management system – CMS) that publishes content websites for purposes. The system is built on a framework of Web application framework model – View – controller format, which allows you to build powerful online applications with independent CMS. (defined in page www.joomla.org).

Defined content management system – CMS

(CMS is a Web-based application) that provides the ability to allow multiple users and different authorization levels to manage all or part of the content, data or information of the website or network application. Part I.

Content management can include operations: creating, storing, editing, publishing, cooperating, reporting, the content distributing, and data information websites.

This is compatible/responsive: function without any advanced management platform.

Multilingual/multilingual: there are about several clicks available after installation and use in nearly 70 Joomla language packages.

Easy to update: Joomla is one of the tools that is constantly updated, and even better, you can easily switch to two to three times after map updating to drink from the management panel.

Support: thoughtful: Joomla is the foundation of open source, so it encourages all construction contributions. However, this means that you will not get your support in live chat format or Joomla switch support. Nevertheless, you will find some useful instructions in Joomla document files, which support community building Joomla in great detail.

Tools to help Joomla low-key, like

– Joomla Media Manager

Joomla media manager is a tool that allows the operation of your media files in Joomla management panel. Media manager is a tool, intuitive and easy-to-use tools than you are most similar to. Unlike other System CMS, you can easily generate new folders to download files on the server, when most people will require CMS FTP or cPanel to execute.

– Joomla manager.

Joomla is built into a company’s website that services more users and roles to varying degrees. Joomla manager allows the creation of user contact areas and in different columns.

– Joomla contact management

In short, learning has Joomla length than WordPress curve, which has great benefits, because Joomla combines computing power with flexible content.

Joomla has the most powerful CMS and e-commerce on the basis of an extended database. You can find plug-ins or modules to perform almost all actions. It is worth noting that in the Joomla extension, there are many free plug-ins and modules. In addition, most programs have paid versions and a free upgrade to high version, anytime you want.

Pioneer – end editor

With this function of Joomla, you will not need to modify some content in the management panel. If you have finished editing the pictures on the web page before you start, there will be any module next to the gear icon, and you can make any changes by clicking it.

Advantages of Joomla

– just click to install.

Stable, well documented CMS

Integration of TM T – instead of just an Addon

Many templates can be used.

– outstanding social networking sites and multimedia.

It is possible that the extension is very flexible and can handle traffic if configured by ants.

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