What is Linux? Advantages and disadvantages of HH Linux

What is Linux? Linux is an operating system for computers. In your world’s operating system, we are witnessing the power expansion of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS for many years. If Microsoft Window and MAC OS are already so good, why do people need an alternative product, such as Linux?

Linux and what is the answer, what are the advantages, especially those who love to rise quietly, around you, like Microsoft’s Windows and Mac OS.

1. Understanding Linux

As I said, Linux is an operating system and a computer operating system needs a place. Three, the operating system is currently the most popular Windows, Mac OS, UNIX. A bit like Linux and UNIX’s development is becoming more and more famous in recent years.

Understanding of computer operating system

The operating system is the first part of a computer program. It is the machine that processes the software. When you turn on the computer, the operating system is loaded into the memory, it starts to manage the available resources on the computer. Then, resources are provided to different user applications.

Typical service delivery systems include:

– procedures/planning tasks:

The scheduler can allocate the CPU to perform a task differently. This is a user of several different applications and one of the tasks of the operating system is in operation. Part of the task scheduler is that the operating system allows users to download the files in different windows, and the spreadsheet in the calculation window when the document is processed from a text in a window. Three.

– memory manager:

The memory manager controls the RAM of the system, usually creating a larger virtual memory space using a file on a hard disk.

Disk management:

Disk manager creates and maintains directories and files on your disk. When you request a file, it will infect disk manager from disk.

– Network Manager

The network manager controls the movement of all data and computer networks.

– my / O management procedures are different:

Operating system management procedures, keyboard, mouse, printer, video display, etc.

– Safety Management:

Operating system security will maintain data file information in the computer and control who has access to the computer.

The operating system usually provides the default user interface system.

What is Linux?

As mentioned just now, if Microsoft is so good, why do people need another operating system to do something? Many people, especially those who know that technology does not like certain factors, Windows and Microsoft’s culture are there. They do not like the so-called strategy of ruling computers and Microsoft in the market. Microsoft has been accused of being used against rivals. Some people even think that Windows is not a good product. It is a risk that is easy to see, when everyone uses the same operating system’s malicious programs, such as computer viruses. The spread is fast and easy. In addition, many people think that the way of thinking should not just work on a ready-made path.

And Linus Torvalds is one of them. The reason for launching a private project, yourself and execution after 1991, has produced an idea of my own operating system, thousands of developers joining the unprofessional construction with a Linux. Based on the birth of the UNIX platform, this may partially explain that the name of the Linux operating system is well-known.

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