What is on lockapp.exe Windows 10?

You can see a process called lockapp.exe running on the PC computer, not knowing what it is, please write here to find it.

Lockapp.exe is part of the Windows operating system. 10, it is responsible for displaying the specific paint on the display screen. Before the lockapp.exe screen is locked, login to the computer. This screen displays background images, time, date and other items that you choose to display on the screen or new messages like weather forecast information.

Screen locking program custom Windows 10

The lockapp.exe program displays the screen and information.

Lock app process

Most of the time, this process does not perform any operation, just on your screen lock. It appears in your login or locking computer by clicking the options in the start menu or by pressing the lock Windows +. L. he will hang up and stop working after you log in.

The screenshot below is running in the lockapp.exe tag process, using Task Manager prompt to start the program on the Windows login screen. Normally, you will not see it in the process of tabulation list, although some system tools can let users know that lockapp.exe PC is running.

During the activation process, lock app

Does this process use a multi-resource system?

Lock application does not use more system resources. If the information system tool program runs for a period of time, this means that your computer is locked in “wake up” for a long time. When the computer screen is locked, this means the clock app process. .exe will log on to the computer after it runs, and it will stop automatically.

When you start the program and the lock on the screen, you will see that the application uses only 10-12 MB of memory and a very low level of CPU. After lockapp.exe login, it will stop working automatically and only use 48K memory. You will see these messages in the tag details of the task manager.

The process is light and small and does not use more CPU, memory and other resources.

Programs use fewer system resources.

Can you disable this process?

You can disable the application if you want to disable the lock from the Windows desktop. A simple explanation is that when you start, wake up or lock the computer, you will notice that there is no vacancy on the normal login screen.

Disabling the application lock saves more computer resources. This is the computer that accelerates the process to a point, you will find the screen lock, and you can only see the login background picture on the screen.

Disable lock screen

Is this process a virus?

No report has been made to indicate the process of lockapp.exe or another malware counterfeiting, but this is entirely possible.

Check the process lockapp.exe, open the task manager, click on the details of the tag, find the lockapp.exe list, click on it and choose where to open the file.

Select the location to open the file

This operation will open a window to display the file lockapp.exe file browser. If the process is not a virus after a folder, it is part of Windows 10.

If files are different in a folder lockapp.exe, this may be a malware computer. Scanning and anti-virus software’s favorite friends.

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