Where is the advanced cloud of the system?

In an increasingly “flat” boundary of the world, everything can seem to be deleted from the archives for security and secrecy, thus becoming their greatest concern, especially for the understanding of the meaningful life of enterprise safety. Ng is concerned about vccloud’s total mention of the importance of work to ensure maximum security for the entire database of information, customers in our system.

1. What does the cloud protect customers?

Protection and security password verification through OTP (once password)

“An OTP password or password” is really used once, and second times is useless. You can’t use it to log in next time. It includes 6 digit passwords, no duplication, random numbers issued and registered telephone numbers to access or modify information. Because of its high security, this protocol may use a common banking system.

Target vccloud when application security OTP to customers:

– help vccloud confirm whether you are an automatic hacker program in your system account.

– prevent unauthorized disclosure of login information.

Using the system’s cloud means that the customer will be protected, 24 / 7. The system will immediately notify the server that it is attacked, provide state information to attack, and attack the customers from which it is always active and assured. The engineering team is ready to deal with and support 24 / 7 of high availability guarantees that can serve your best customers.

Strict data security

The customers who visit the work will experience a process and reason, and make strict cloud. Only a few senior engineers can access the server’s customers with the permission of the customers.

Steps to include all programs:

– there will be at least 2 engineers Accreditation (add a private key, one with OTP code).

– there are always at least 2 engineers’ customer data in the operation area.

After the login is successful, the system will automatically send an alarm, and the CEO explains why cloud visits the server.

Protecting network system on the server


In McCloud, each customer has his own internal LAN system. All other clients’ servers can not access or communicate with each other to help eliminate internal attack capability.

I am on the Internet:

A system security protection, called BPR – boundary router, will stand on your server, continuously monitor the entire flow, detect abnormal activity, act suspicious, and intrude into the Internet environment.

In order to restore data before snapshot is created, delete erroneous or erroneous in this case.

Automatically create snapshot snapshots from backup in the dashboard loop.

Customers from automatic backup manual snapshot snapshot

2. What does cloud protect the lower level?

The server of the system is placed in the separation of the internal network system, service communication is placed inside, the datacenter is separated internally, and it does not communicate directly on the Internet.

– constantly update vulnerabilities to fill security systems to customers.

The system runs underground protection in backup when customers delete volumes (discs) or erroneous data backup loses no chance or fails to create snapshot copies: all data will automatically be based on the weekly backup cycle and a backup reserved. B.

– Strategy: encryption algorithm is encrypted after NIST is published, server is registered as radius (TACACS), SSL or TLS uses application server and registered Comodo CA limited.

– remote access policy: strict control (password encrypted VPN) and powerful, no public equipment is allowed. The remote connection program Antivirus of the device is constantly updated.

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